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Taking You Mobile
Expand into Internet 2.0. Mobigenics can help you expand your reach by extending your internet presence into the mobile


Worldwide Mobile content services will be worth 121 Billion US Dollars by 2008

Welcome to Mobigenics.

Mobigenics is a mobile marketing agency providing a full compliment of managed, mobile services to Small, Medium and Large enterprises thereby allowing them to integrate mobility into their overall marketing mix. Mobile devices have become an integral part of consumer lives and business processes. We provide clients with a seamless mobile experience, as a direct extension of the desktop is no longer a “nice to have”. It is now a key factor in remaining competitive in today’s marketplace.

Mobility is no longer tomorrow’s vision; it is today’s reality

Leveraging the convergence of mobile devices and web services, Mobigenics utilizes Mobile 2.0 to create an entirely new dynamic. Our experts in marketing as well as mobility and wireless technologies, will work with enterprises to Design, Launch and Monetize instantly through Mobile Campaigns. The result is maximized productivity, increased ROI, and new competitive advantages.

Simply, Mobigenics helps you go mobile.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Mobigenics is managed by seasoned professionals with decades of mobile marketing and telecom services experience.


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